Download Facebook APK 3.6.1 for Android

Facebook APK 3.3.1 is latest version of Facebook for Android. Facebook APK Version 3.6.1 is available to download from right here. If you do not wish to Download Facebook from using Google Play. You can Download Facebook APK for Android from here and install Facebook on Android without internet. Apart of using Facebook APK for Android, you can also Download Facebook APK 3.6.1 to Download Facebook for PC. In this post we will explain How to Download Facebook APK 3.6.1.

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Facebook APK 3.6.1

All of you are already aware of Facebook. Facebook is a giant social network boasting 1 Billion+ users worldwide. Facebook Android App lets you use Facebook Account directly from your mobile. You will also like to read our guides about Facebook Login and Facebook Sign up.You can also Download Facebook for PC. You can chat with friends, send messages, emotions and pictures with Facebook. You need to have internet in your mobile to Download Facebook APK.

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The latest version of Facebook APK introduces some new features as well as some bug fixes. Now you can also play games and chat with your friends by Facebook Android App. Facebook APK is required to install Facebook on Android. You can also use Facebook APK to Install Facebook on PC.

Download Facebook APK

Below is the URL to Download Facebook APK.

Download Facebook APK 3.6.1 for Android [14.6 MB]

How to Install Facebook APK on Android

After Downloading Facebook APK, you need to install Facebook APK to use it. Follow the below instructions to install Facebook APK.

  1. Connect your Android Mobile to PC.
  2. Turn on USB Storage from your mobile.
  3. Copy the Facebook.apk File to your mobile.
  4. Disconnect your mobile from PC.
  5. Open file manager in your Mobile and locate Facebook.APK.
  6. Touch it to open, and click install.
  7. Now Facebook APK will be installed successfully.

Installing Facebook APK on Android Mobiles is very simple and easy method. Follow our above guide to make it even easier.

We hope you liked the Facebook APK 3.6.1. Ask us in comments if you have any problems to Download Facebook APK or Install Facebook APK. We will keep sharing newer version Facebook APK.

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